How Can I Build a Button That Will Refresh a Datagrid in SalesLogix Web?

Question: I am customizing a Quick Form in SalesLogix Web, and it contains a button and a datagrid.  What I would like to do is click the button and have it refresh the datagrid records.  How can I do this?

Answer:  There are a few ways to refresh a page in SalesLogix Web.  You can reload it via a Redirect, use the PanelRefresherService and do a RefreshAll, or you can modify the collection that the grid is bound to.  The first two options work best if combined, see example below:

Sage.Platform.WebPortal.Services.IPanelRefreshService refresher = PageWorkItem.Services.Get();
if (refresher != null) {

And here is information for performing the third option:
If you have a grid of Widgets under an Account and you are programatically adding a Widget, you can cause the grid to refresh by adding the newly created Widget to the Account’s Widget collection.


IWidget widget = EntityFactory.Create<IWidget>();widget.Property = “Something”;widget.Save();

// new widget is saved at this point  //get a reference to parent entityIAccount account = this.BindingSource.Current as IAccount; //this will cause a grid bound to Account.Widgets to refreshaccount.Widgets.Add(widget);

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