How can I centralize the dll common dependencies, so they will not be copied in duplicate to the user computer?


When adding a DLL in .NET Extensions Manager, the manager recognizes the dependent DLLs and adds it to the dependencies.

The .NET Plugins and dependencies are copied to the user computer path, “C:Documents and Settings[user name]Application DataSalesLogixNETPlugins[saleslogix user][Plugin Name]
My problem is: Some of the dependent DLLs are  common for several DLL plugins, and they are moved to the above path in duplicate in the users computer.
I am trying to find a way to centralize the common dependencies, so they would not be copied in duplicate to the user computer.
I believe the easiest way is to put all of your plugins in the same DLL (so that you only add 1 .NET extension in SalesLogix).

Otherwise, they get extracted to different folders, so the runtime has to copy them each time. It makes sense because the DLL could be of a different version in each plugin.

Another advantage is the DLL information is not duplicated in the database (if you have remotes then that is a big advantage)

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