How do I force a datagrid refresh in SalesLogix??


I have created a customization so we can record changes to the adjusted price and quantity of a product in the Opportunity:Products datagrid.

I have locked the datagrid down so to make changes the user must right click and choose edit. This then opens a form i have made where they can edit the product’s adjusted price and quantity.

Once the user has made their chnages they click the ok button which saves the changes and creates the history record.

The problem i have is that once the user cicks ok and my SalesLogix form closes the changes do not reflect in the datgrid until either a ctrl+F5 is done or the user navigates to a different record and then returns to the one they edited (a normal F5 does not work).

Does anyone now how i can get the datagrid to autmatically show the updated values when my edit form closes?


Try this code:

This is the code that should be executed on the closing of my edit form:

Dim frm
Dim i
‘ loop through the forms
For i = 0 to Application.Forms.Count – 1
‘ check if we’ve found the Account Detail form.
‘ make sure you’ve changed it’s Name property.
If Application.Forms(i).Name = “frmOppProducts” Then
‘ save the reference to this form
Set frm = Application.Forms(i)
‘ now use it to update one of it’s controls
‘Set frm.grdProducts.Recordset = DoGridCalculations (frm.grdProducts, “”, “”, frm.CurrentID)
Dim a
a = frm.txtDataBound.Text
frm.txtDataBound.Text = frm.txtDataBound.Text & “a”
frm.txtDataBound.Text = a

Dim objActiveView,objMiddleView,objTabView
Set objActiveView = Application.MainViews.ActiveView
Set objMiddleView = objActiveView.MiddleView
If Not (objMiddleView Is Nothing) Then
If objMiddleView.Name = “frmOppProducts” Then

Set objTabView = objActiveView.TabsView
Set objMiddleView.grdProducts.RecordSet = DoGridCalculations (frm.grdProducts, “”, “”, frm.CurrentID)
‘need an if here to check that the products tab is open
if = “frmOppProducts” then
Set objTabView.grdProducts.RecordSet = DoGridCalculations (frm.grdProducts, “”, “”, frm.CurrentID)
end if

end if
end if
Exit For
End If

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