How Do I Get a .NET Extension Working on SalesLogix Client Workstations?


I wrote a .NET extension for a client, and I put it into SalesLogix using the .NET Extensions screen in the Architect.

I released it to everyone. I’m calling it using the following code. Lines 71 and 72 are shown.

ext = Application.Managed.Create(“<namespace>”, “<class>”)
Set conn = Application.Managed.Run(ext, args)


where <namespace> and <class> are the actual namespace and class in the .NET extension.


Everything works fine when this code is run on the server. I get the following error when I run it on workstations, though:


Script Error

An error occurred executing active script

(Account:<script name>).

Error in include script (SYSTEM:<script name>):

Object required: ‘Application.Managed.Run(…)’ at line 72, char 5.



This was a defect/issue that was resolved in SLX 7.5.4.  The 7.5.4 Client install does include the policy.7.5.Sage.SalesLogix.NetExtensions.Framework​.dll.

You need to copy 7.5.Sage.SalesLogix.NetExtensions.Framewor​k.dll from the Server.

Then try running the RegisterSLXNetExtentions.bat

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