How do I link a datagrid back to the mainview??


If I have a main view SERVICE, with a datagrid showing CONTACT_SERVICE records linked to this, how do I make the Add/Edit actions pass the correct ID to the Edit form? (The edit form is bound to CONTACT_SERVICE)



Make sure all the following conditions are met.

  1. You have Data Form (Contact) for main view
  2. You have Data Form (Contact_Service) for edit view
  3. On main view form you have DataGrid with following parameters:

    • BindID = ContactID
    • When you edit SQL property in Query Builder on “Grid Details” tab there Table field is set to Contact_Service and below field is set to Contact_Service.ContactID
    • When you edit SQL property in Query Builder on “Layout” tab there is Contact_ServiceID field
    • Keyfield = Contact_ServiceID

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