How do I troubleshoot Database Creation in my upgrade to SalesLogix version 8.0?


I am testing an upgrade for SalesLogix (From 7.5.4 to 8.0).

I created Remote databases without a problem in 7.5.4.

Then, I upgraded the Server to SLX v8.

Now, trying to create a Remote Databse in 8.0, I get the following error:

How do I troubleshoot this???


Step: stpExecSQL_CreateViews returned error: Incorrect syntax near ‘OPPORTUNITYID’. (Microsoft SQL Native Client (80040e14): Incorrect syntax near ‘OPPORTUNITYID’.)




One of the custom view had the sysdba alias in front of the table names in the select statement. It didn’t matter in 7.5.4, but it does seems to matter in 8.0.

After removing the schema alias it in the View, the remote databases got created normally without errors.

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