How do you add a parameter for File Attachment Size and Timeout in Saleslogix 8.1?


 Is it possible to set a parameter for file attachment size and timeout in Salelogix?

 If so, where is that setting located?



In the Webconfig file that is located in the Application Architect. Expand the VFS in the Project Explorer, expand the Portal Manager and expand the Supportfiles

Look for webconfig

Double click and open the webconfig

Find…. httpRuntime requestValidationMode=”2.0″

To customize the maximum request length add the maxRequestLength attribute to
the httpRuntime below, the default size is 4096 –>

 <httpRuntime requestValidationMode=”2.0″ executionTimeout=”90″
maxRequestLength=”4096″ />

Save and close the file.

Make sure you re-deploy the web client.



Dale Richter

Director of Training- I have worked with Customer FX since 1997

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  1. Hey Dale,
    Does this refer to Email attachment size when filing emails through Outlook as well (with Desktop Integration), or is it just for attaching files directly through the web client itself?




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