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Correcting a Failed Build in SalesLogix Application Architect

On one of our test servers I received the following message when attempting to build the SalesLogix web platform on a v7.5.3 system with Hot Fixes 1 through 4. An application Exception has occurred. Failed to build Sage.Integration.Entity.Feeds.dll. (Sage.Platform.Orm.CodeGen). What finally fixed the issue was a complete uninstall and reinstall. Then a pack and rebuild […]

Installing MSDE from the SalesLogix 7.0 DVD

In a recent situation we were asked to install a remote SalesLogix 7.0 SQL2000 database on a notebook with SQL 2005 Server. We were able to remove SQL Server 2005 in this case but when we attempted to install MSDE we were prompted to use a strong password and the installation stopped until we added that switch.

SalesLogix Connection Manager

 I ran into a curious problem with a customer in the last couple of days. We wanted to do an import in the SalesLogix database. The customer had an Eval database already set up. So, I decided that it would be a good idea to run a test import on the Eval database first.  This way, […]

Unique Identifier in SalesLogix Imports

You can certainly tell that I have been working with alot of Imports lately. Most recently I have a client that would like to update information that did not get imported the first time. Normally you would remove your records and re-import. However, they have started adding information and cannot start again. So, if you […]

SalesLogix Mobile Installation Tip

We recently ran into a problem installing the Enterprise 5.1 SageSalesLogixMobile database on a sql database server with SQL Server 2005. The Sage Platform manager would complete successfully and the connector would install but not connect

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