How to Use the Multi-Select Text Field in Creatio (Customer FX Marketplace Add-on)

When creating lookups in Creatio sometimes the user might need to select more than one option but with normal lookups that is impossible. In this article I will show you how you can create a multi-select lookup in Creatio. To do this we’ll be using a marketplace add-on which saves the values as text. This is different than a normal lookup which is something to keep in mind when using this.

The end result we are looking after will look like this:

First thing you will want to do is go to the marketplace and get Customer FX’s marketplace add-on called “Multi-select text field setup for Creatio” a link to that will be here. In this article I want the user to be able to select multiple system types for an account. For this I’ll need to create a system types lookup, you can refer to my last article on how to create a lookup here.

Then, open up the page wizard and add a text field – make sure the length is big enough to reasonably hold any selected values since all the selected values will be stored in this text field. We will turn this text field into the multi-select field.

Once you have your text field on the page you will open up the pages source code to add some code. First you’ll need to add “CfxMultiselectEdit” (with the quotes) to the modules list in the square brackets at the top of the code.

This is what it looked like before I added my code:


This is what it looked like after I added my code:


After that you’ll want to find the code to your text field, what I did to easily find it was to ctrl + f and then search for my text field.

Here is what it’ll look like before any changes:


This is what it looks like after the changes:

What I added to the code was the “itemType“, “className“, “lookupEntity“, “caption” and I made changes to the “bindTo“. This is all documented in the documentation for the multi-select edit which is here. Once we save and refresh the page the text field we added to the page will look like a multi-select lookup.

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