I am having an Issue where users see different Account Details Views, one is correct, the other is not. How do I make sure all users are viewing the same Account Detail View?


In SalesLogix  Accounts we have a number of custom fields and have edited the account panel in general to meet out needs. This morning when people log in some see the Account View as normal others see a panel with just the basic Name and Address and almost all the other fields are missing. Just a blank panel.  This is on v7.5.1.  Has anyone seen anything like this before? It is not global.



They were using the SalesLogix LAN feature that allows you to define a specific Form for each user to use as their Account Details form rather than the default (Account Details). 


While I believe this has been addressed recently, however in past versions of the LAN client – that feature stored the PluginID of the designated Form rather than storing the PluginFamily + PluginName.  When a plugin is updated and then subsequently re-released, a new PluginID is generated – thus rendering the prior user configuration incorrect.



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