Sub txtDataBoundChange in Opportunity Products Fires Twice – Why?


I have a question about Sub txtDataBoundChange in Opportunity Products. Why does the event fire twice? Where can I catch it? Or how can I run on a tab at the OnChange event a function only once?



That is the “hidden” bound control tied to the OPPORTUNIITY.OPPORTUNITYID.

It’s probably happening for one of several possible reasons:

   A – Multiple refreshes of the Opportunity Products tab that you probably have no way of controlling

   B – It’s in a container control that is in a form..

What’s the reason for not allowing it to fire more than once?

Due to the design/implementation of the event model in the SalesLogix exe… this (multiple “firings” are happening ALL over the place in the client.. and there is basically nothing you can do to prevent it.

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