Index of Posts for Starting with Infor CRM (Saleslogix) Development

The blogs on go all the way back to 2003. There’s years and years worth of information that we’ve accumulated and shared. Since the beginning of the Infor CRM (Saleslogix) web client, we’ve been posting and sharing what we’ve learned ever since. However, if you’re just starting with developing & customizing the web client, it might be hard to know what to start reading. This post will contain an index of posts that would be a good place to start when getting started working with the web client.

Accessing User Information & Current User
Programatically Looking Up Users
Determining if a User is a Member of a Team
Accessing User & Security Properties

Entity Factory & Entities
Using the EntityFactory to Retrieve Entity Objects
Finding the Current Parent Record ID
Adding Child Records Using the Entity Model

Queries, Repositories, & SQL
Querying Data Using Repositories & The SQL Equivalents
Returning a Distinct Result Set Using a Repository
Using a Repository and Criteria When You Have 3 “OR” Conditions
Returning the Sum of Fields Using Repositories
Running a SQL Update Statement
Retrieving the Underlying Database Information

Business Rules & Entity Events
Using an External Assembly for Entity Events and Business Rules
Wiring Up an Entity Event to an External Assembly
Creating a Business Rule to Return a List of Objects
Binding a Grid to a List Returning Business Rule
Creating an Account Business Rule to Return the Primary Contact

Forms & UI
A Step-by-Step to Adding a New Form for a New Custom Entity

Controls – Lookups
Adding a Parent Lookup to the Account Details Form
The Saleslogix Web Lookup Control
The Saleslogix Web Lookup Control Part 2
Limiting a Product Lookup to Current Account Product Records
Dynamically Restricting Lookup Controls Using the SeedProperty
Populating Both an ID and a Text Field With Lookup Results
How to Invoke a Web Lookup Control’s Popup Event
The User Lookup Control & Defining Which Users Are Shown

Controls – Picklists
Utilizing the Picklist Assembly to Get Picklist Details
Working With Picklists

Controls – DataGrids
Filtering a Datagrid at Runtime
Setting the Default Sort for a Datagrid
Custom Format Columns in Datagrids

Security & Roles
Programatically Using Security Roles & Secured Actions
Accessing a User’s Secured Actions to Determine Functionality

Programatically Creating a Lookup Group for a Specific Entity

Customer Portal
Getting the Contact for the Currently Logged in Customer Portal User

Bundling & Packaging Customizations
Installing a Web Bundle
Packaging Your Customizations (Video Training Session)
Delivering Data & Schema in Bundles
Are there other posts you think are helpful when getting started with Infor CRM (Saleslogix) Web Development? Add them to the comments.

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