Infor CRM Connection Troubleshooting: Setting Persist Security Info in the Data Link

Normally, once you get it set up, the connection to Infor CRM is very solid, and you will not need to worry about it. If you do find yourself having connection issues, however, it can be a bit tricky to troubleshoot; as there are multiple possible points of failure. Of course, if you having connection issues, you should engage in standard network troubleshooting, making sure the server is up and the network connection to it is working. Over the next few blog posts, I am going to focus on connection issues specific to Infor CRM.

The connection between Infor CRM software and the Infor CRM database is called the Data Link. (It’s not specifically labeled that any place you need to click, but it is referenced as such in the title bars of some windows.) You create or edit the Data Link using the Connection Manger program (labeled as Saleslogix Connection Manager in its own title bar), as I have blogged about here.

Data Link Properties

I mention this because Connection Manager has an idiosyncrasy that can be important in troubleshooting. When creating or editing a Data Link, any change to the Connection tab (where you do most of the configuration) will reset Persist Security Info on the All tab to False, meaning it will not retain the password, and the connection will fail.

Data Link Dropped Password

If you suspect this may have happened, or are just checking all the possibilities in the course of troubleshooting, open Connection Manager, choose to Edit the Data Link, and look at the connection tab. If the password is missing, just add it back in, check the Allow Saving Password box and uncheck Blank Password, then switch the All tab and set Persist Security Info to True. While on the All tab, you might also want to bring up Integrated Security and click Reset, to make sure any old security info in cleared.

Persist Security Info

If you are making any other changes to the Connection tab, also complete them before your switch over to the All tab to set Persist Security Info, though it is fine to come back and Test Connection as long as don’t actually change anything after resetting Persist Security Info.

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