InforCRM (formerly Saleslogix) Mobile – Clearing Out Earlier Customizations

If you started with an earlier version of SalesLogix Mobile, let’s say version 7.5.4, and customized the mobile platform at level 1.2 you may find the mobile client no longer runs in mobile devices at recent levels and newer browsers. Another problem you have is the existing custom screens don’t allow you to upgrade to version 3.0.4. You have two options here – have someone recreate the custom screens for version 3.0.4 or remove the customized screens and start over with a basic mobile v3.0.4. Here are the steps to remove the custom screens and reset to v3.0.4. (Before removing anything in the Application Architect you will want to take screen shots of the Sage SalesLogix Mobile Portal from the Portal Manager.) Now remove the bundle containing the mobile customized screens, and remove the Sage SalesLogix Mobile deployment, and the SLXMobile deployment target. At this point you are ready to add the Sage SalesLogix Mobile portal back clicking on the Portal Manager and using the New Portal Wizard. Select UIPortalTemplate and fill in the Portal Information with the settings you saved in your screen shots. Once you have finished recreating the Sage SalesLogix Mobile portal you can recreate the Deployment target as well.
All you have left now, is to install the SalesLogix Mobile v3.0.4 bundle for SalesLogix 7.5.4, redeploy the Sdata and the Mobile deployments, RESETIIS and you are ready to test the new Mobile deployment which will be at base level.

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