Infor CRM 8.3.x Web Client Edit Options Are Missing

After adding a custom bundle to Infor CRM (formerly Saleslogix) in the Application Architect two users were missing the Edit Option on a Manage Mail Options Form that was not affected by the new custom bundle, and one other user still had the Edit Option on the form.  So the first thing we checked is the user’s roles, and yes, the users had the custom Manage Mail Options role.  Then we asked them to clear the cache and remove the temporary internet files from IE but that failed to restore the Edit Option.  Our third step was to reset the user options for the two users by running a script to clear out all their user’s settings in the Virtual File System table.  Even though this script has cleared up a variety of other issues, such as visibility to forms and groups, it did nothing in this case.  I was running out of ideas so we asked the two users to log out of the web client. Then we removed all of the roles from each of the users,  and added all the roles back, and had the users log in.    That worked!  If the Edit Options are missing in a custom form try removing the roles and adding them back as the first step.


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