Introducing InboxGuru for Infor CRM

InboxGuru is an integrated marketing automation solution built specifically for Infor CRM.  You manage and monitor it right from within Infor CRM.  Unlike other competitive 3rd party solutions that have poorly designed, complex and incomplete integration which require loads of data to sync between Infor CRM and their servers, Inbox Guru uses your Infor CRM Cloud or on-premise database for its target lists and list building.  No data Syncing required, no learning curve!

From the Inbox Guru web site “InboxGuru is a SaaS marketing automation and email marketing solution that is built to function 100% inside of the Infor CRM platform. InboxGuru was developed with a single purpose in mind, to provide a embedded marketing automation solution for Infor CRM that drives sales and marketing alignment in your organization.”

What does it cost?

  • It’s less than any other Infor CRM integrated marketing solution.

What does it do?

Sends automated Email blasts using your Infor CRM Leads and Contacts groups both Dynamic and Ad-hoc.  If a Contact is in a CRM Group then they are automatically enrolled in the marketing drip campaign.  If a field or other data conditions change that causes them to drop out of the CRM group then they stop getting those emails, simple.

  • Personal lists are also supported so that you can send an email blast to a list you imported without importing them into Infor CRM first.
  • Built in email template creator that can include merge fields from ANY table in your CRM system both native and custom.
  • Import your own HTML email templates or use the included MailChimp template import feature.
  • Your digital assets are stored in the Inbox Guru cloud and can be included as linked files in an email template.
  • All of your CRM users have access to Inbox Guru which is controlled by CRM Roles
  • Sent emails can be sent from the Lead or Contacts Account Manager for personalization.
  • Email responses are stored in Notes/History for Sent, Opened, Clicked links, Bounced and Unsubscribe

Integrate your Landing Pages with CRM merge fields that generate either Leads or Contacts from your web site forms.  No more emails that need to be monitored and re-entered into CRM.

  • Integrated with
  • API for integration with other 3rd party landing pages
  • Integrate with landing pages on your current web site
  • Email notification when a new Infor CRM Lead or Contact record is created
  • Duplicate checking

Web Site Forensics which tracks and scores your CRM records as your prospects navigate and spend time your web site.

  • Web site activity is stored in Notes/History for your Contacts and Leads
  • A Persistent Cookie is used so that all previous web site activity is back-filled into Infor CRM once a person opens an email from you
  • Dashboards for monitoring your web traffic visits, conversion rates and sources

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Scott Weber

Scott Weber is CRM Practice Manager and Senior Consultant for Customer FX Corporation.

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  1. Hi Scott, as an avid folower of CustomerFX and having seen posts on 3 similar products I would appreciate (privately if more appropriate) ypour feedback or opinion on 3 e-marketing solutions? Which are the best?

    We use Swiftpage at the moemnt but it seems dated and the opt-outs mean a deminishing base of contacts. Inbox guru looks good but maybe imature?

    Altimately, (cost allowing) we need to build a better feedback model of opt-ins and topic subscriptions for the upcoming EU regulations (GDPR)..
    Any thoughts apprciated.

    Tks Mark


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