Install Office Integration to Add Mail Merge Functionality to Infor CRM

It has been a while since we have posted much about Infor CRM mail merge, so I will be going on about that for bit. For this week, we will talk about installation, as well as some general information.

The feature of Infor CRM that allows you to mail merge in the Infor CRM web client is called Office Integration.  The aptly named Office Integration does, in fact, integrate Microsoft Office with the the Infor CRM web client, allowing you to do things such sending Outlook emails and managing email templates directly in CRM in addition to mail merge.  In order to use Office Integration with the Infor CRM web client, you will need to install it by going to the tools menu, clicking on Options, and then clicking Install Office Integration at the lower right corner of the (default) General tab. Depending on your browser and security, you will likely need to save the install file, and then run it to install Office Integration.

Office Integration

Office integration works by installing a browser plugin for Internet Explorer. As of the time of this posting, Internet Explorer is only browser you can use for this. Infor has implied they have plans to add compatibility with other browsers, but nothing concrete so far. Microsoft will be dropping support for Internet Explorer later his year, so hopefully there will be something in place by then. But, for now, even if you normally use another browser with Infor CRM web client, you will need to keep bring it up in Internet Explorer if you will to use mail merge.  You can tell you have successfully installed Office by Integration by the presence of a new Write menu in certain areas of the Infor CRM web client.

Added Write Menu

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