Unblock Xbar Install File to Include All Features

Xbar Outlook integration for Infor CRM can be installed from the link under Tools > Options or from running the install .exe file. However, if Window security is blocking the file, not all features will be installed. When setting up an appointment in Outlook, if Xbar integration is functioning properly, there will be an Infor CRM section at the bottom of the appointment, with the ability to look up Contacts, Accounts, or other entities from CRM.

Appointment Unblocked Xbar

However, if the Xbar executable was blocked at the time it was installed, the search magnifying glass will not be visible, and you will not be able to search for CRM entities.

Appointment Blocked Xbar

If this feature is missing, go to the Xbar.exe install file, right click, and choose Properties. At the bottom of the window, you will see a line for Security with the choice to Unblock the file.  Click the Unblock button, then uninstall and reinstall Xbar. The search feature should now be available.

Xbar Install Blocked

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