Installing The Microsoft Word Plug-in for Creatio Printables

Printables are a very useful add on to have in your Creatio system and are very easy to create to make easy Word-based documents with merge fields. In order to create printables, you need to install the Word plug-in from Creatio. This will add functionality in Word that will let you open a printable template and add merge fields to it. In this article I will help you understand how to install this Word plug-in.

Download the Plug-in From the Academy Website

The first thing you want to do is download the Word plugin from Creatio academy website.

Download the Creatio Word Plugin

There’s a few options so I will help you know which one is the right one for you to choose. These are what the choices look like.

For any cloud system you will pick the 7.16.2 and later (the one at the top). There is also two choices for the type of Word install you have, whether it’s 32-bit or 64-bit. To see which version of Word install you have first you will open up Word and go to “Account“.

Then once you go on account you’ll click on “About Word”  and a small page will pop up and up at the top it will say 32-bit or 64-bit. So you will pick the install that matches what you see there.

As you can see in the picture above my Word install is 32-bit so I had to download the the plug-in for 32-bit MS Word.

Installing the Plug-in

Now that you have the zip file downloaded, you need to install it. You can’t just browse into the zip file and run it. Instead, right-click it and select “Extract All” which will extract the files in the zip to a folder. Now go to folder where you extracted it to and run it from there.

Now you have the plugin installed, in a later article I will walk you through how to use it.

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