Interop Dll for external Access to SLX 7.5.2.


I have a app that I had working for SLX 7.5.0

I used a reference to the Interop.salesLogix.dll in my program to access the SalesLogix.Application object.  


Now I am upgrading the program to work with SLX 7.5.2 and I want to be able to do the same thing such as the following code from the original SLX 7.5.0 version: 



Dim slx As SalesLogix.SlxApplication 


slx = New SalesLogix.SlxApplication()





 etc …


But when I look through the SLX install directories i do not find that DLL anywhere. Is there something missing here or is there a new way to access the SLX applicaiton object inSLX 7.5.2?



It is as simple as including the SalesLogix.exe as a reference to the project in VStudio and it created the interop dll automatically when I built the project.

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