Is there a good Delete accounts procedure in SalesLogix?


This has probably come up before somewhere, but a client of
ours has deleted some accounts and don’t know who it did and when, and
was dissappointed to learn that out the box when you delete accounts they
just get deleted with no trace.


Is there anything we can
do with the out the box solution (7.2.0 LAN client) to log when accounts
are deleted or even mark for deletion before fully deleting, or has
anyone developed an add on to add this functionality to SalesLogix?




 Unfortunately, a delete is exactly that !

What we recommend for
clients to do is create a team called “Archive” – put only Admin in this
team and then tell users to modify the team for the account to Archive.
It then appears to disappear. Obviously, you can get it back again by
logging in as Admin and then set the team back to a normal team.

We also add a button that will accomplish the same task.

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