Lookup Items Not Filtering on Custom Lookup Field in SalesLogix

Question: In SalesLogix I’ve added a custom lookup field to the Insert Opportunity Form, a system Form.

AXFormOpen, I programmatically set the LookupRestrictValue but the
lookup items are never filtered. This has worked without issue in the
Opportunity Detail Form; I programmatically set the SQL of the
LookupRestrictValue and the results are properly filtered.

Do you know why this might be happening?


Here are some common errors:
1 ) Bad Table Fieldname structure including failure to use : between table and field.

2 ) Putting ‘ ‘ or ” ” around the operator OR VALUE thinking that SalesLogix doesn’t already handle this.

put a MSGBOX on the AXFormOpen data values.  The databound data is
typically only available AFTER the AXFormChange, not the Open.
If you
know what the value is before hand (like AccountID) then
populate LookupRestrictValue, but don’t populate it with values that
haven’t been read in yet.


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