Mail Merge in Infor CRM Web Client using Office Integration

Last week (in this post), we talked about installing Office Integration. Now for a bit about how to use it.

Once you have Outlook Integration installed, the Infor CRM web client will display a new Write menu if you are in an appropriate entity (Contacts, Accounts, or Leads).  The Write menu has a few mail-related functions, but we are specifically looking at mail merge.  The easiest way to send a merged email to a group of addresses is to bring up that group, then click the Write menu, and then Mail Merge.  You could also multi-select the contacts you wish to email before opening the Write menu, or wait until you get the write menu to select to whom you mailing.

Write Menu

Once the mail merge window pops up, you need to choose the email template you will use (we will cover templates in another post).  You can then choose to stick with the current group, or select another.  In the Output section, you can choose the sender and CC: fields, or even choose to output to fax, file, or printer instead of email. You can also set the email subject line, add an attachment, and select the email format.

Merge Options

There is also a History Options tab, where you can choose what to record to CRM History section for the Contacts, etc. that were included in the merge, which can even include a copy of the email sent, if desire.  You can also choose for CRM to schedule a follow-up activity.  Saving it history does so for all items in the merge, which can noticeably add to the time if this is a big mail merge.  Likewise, scheduling a follow-up activity applies to all items, which will schedule very many activities if there are many folks being emailed.  The default is to add a history record, but not attach a copy of the email, and not to schedule a follow-up activity, which works well in most cases.

Merge History Options

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