Must Have Marketplace Addons for Every Creatio System

In Creatio having addons in your system really helps out a bunch and can be used for so many different tasks. The marketplace is full of helpful addons, weather it’s something to just help you organize your system or something to help you with your work, there’s a huge variety on what you can find. In today’s article I’ll be looking at 4 must have addons that every system can benefit from.

Excel Reports Builder

First one I’ll cover is called “Excel reports builder“. This one can be very helpful whenever you need to make an Excel report or printable in any section or page. You choose what section you want to make the report on and pick what fields you want to show.

When you pick all that you can then edit the report however you want it to look. The reason why you want this is because you can create many things like printables in excel, you can add templates with charts and graphs on it and more. Ryan shows you how to do that here: Using Templates for Excel Reports in Creatio.

Download Excel Reports Builder here:

Recently Viewed Records

Next addon we’ll go over is called “Recently viewed records“. This one can be very helpful when you need help backtracking or want to go back to a page or record that you were viewing before. It’s like a history tab for all the records you’ve viewed in your system.

As you can see in the picture above it shows sections I was at beforehand and if I want I can quickly get back to any of these sections. This is one of the Customer FX marketplace addons.

Download Recently Viewed Records here:

Filter Highlighting

Filter highlighting is for when you have a filter set it will highlight your filter for you to make it more noticeable. Why this can be helpful is because sometimes it can be hard to notice that you have a filter set or have a folder selected, but with this it will highlight the filter for you so it stands out. This is another one of the Customer FX marketplace addons.

Download Filter Highlighting here:

SQL Scripts Console

Last one I will go over is called “SQL Scripts Console”. This one is a little more technical than the other ones but it’s super helpful. If you have a cloud hosted system it can be difficult to troubleshoot things without looking directly at the database. This allows you to execute queries and have full access to the database.

Download SQL Script Console here:

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