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Using the Change Log for Creatio Marketplace Addon

The Change Log for Creatio addon in the Creatio Marketplace allows you to set up logging for columns of any object in Creatio and view the change log on the record it was for. This works a little differently than the out of the box logging since it will display on a tab on the […]

Must Have Marketplace Addons for Every Creatio System

In Creatio having addons in your system really helps out a bunch and can be used for so many different tasks. The marketplace is full of helpful addons, weather it’s something to just help you organize your system or something to help you with your work, there’s a huge variety on what you can find. […]

Filter Highlighting Add-on in the Creatio (formerly bpm’online) Marketplace from Customer FX

I’ve released another free add-on in the bpm’online Marketplace. Filter highlighting for bpm’online is an add-on that makes filters more obvious and noticeable when set in bpm’online. This add-on was inspired by helping bpm’online users who couldn’t find a record they were looking for because they didn’t realize, and couldn’t easily tell, that they had […]