OnClick Event for the ‘Next’ Button Not Closing Screen in SalesLogix

Question: Within SalesLogix I have a series of screens that all have a ‘Next’
button, and there is a global recordset that will be passed from
screen-to-screen.  I would like to have the current screen close and the
next screen open when the user chooses the ‘Next’ button, and a ‘Back’
button that the user can choose if the user needs to enter more
information before moving on.  Every script that I have tried on the
OnClick event for the ‘Next’ button doesn’t cause the current screen to
close and the next screen to open.  The next screen opens, but the
previous screen shows as well.  Do you have any suggestions?

Answer:  You are having trouble because when a form is opened modally it is
blocking a call.  This means that the next line of code will not execute
until the blocking call returns – the form is closed.  In your
scenario, the next form is launched from the ‘Next’ button on the
current form.  The line of code to close the current form will not
execute until the next form closes.

You need to have a script that controls
the flow from one screen to the next. The script would be something like

1) Open Form1
—– Form1 opens
—– Form1 closes and sets a global to indicate if Next/Cancel/etc was the closing action
—– Optionally Form1 could set the ModalResult which could be read from the script

2) Read global or ModalResult set from Form1
3) Launch Form2

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