Opening Forms and Passing Information in SalesLogix

Question: I’m trying to do the following in SalesLogix:

Go from Form A to an Account Detail screen, then open Form B and pass an ID from Form A to B.

Is there a clean way to do this?

Answer: You need to invoke a view and then, once invoked, get the details from it. Here is a sample.

Dim objMainView
Dim objDetail

Set objMainView = Application.MainViews.Add(“EventManagement:Display Event”, 0, False)

objMainView.CurrentID = AttEventID ‘ Set to PrimaryID of the NEW form

objMainView.BorderStyle = 3
objMainView.Caption = Application.Translator.Localize(“Display Events”)
Set objDetail = objMainView.DetailsView

objDetail.ebMyObject.Text = “example” ‘ This sets data on the invoked form

If objMainView.ShowModal = mrOK Then
‘ Do something here – this is the OK button being pressed
myVar = objDetaill.ebMyObject.Text ‘ This gets data off the invoked form
End If

Set objMainView = Nothing
Set objDetail = Nothing



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