Opening Two DialogService Windows in SalesLogix Web

Question: I would like to apply validation for a postal code control on
the addressEdit.ascx form in SalesLogix Web.  When there is more than
one city for a postal code I would like to inform the user that the
postal code has more than one city so that the user can choose the
appropriate one.  I opened the addressEdit.ascx form as a DialogService
window and I would like to open a second DialogService window from here
because this is where I wrote my selection process.  The problem
is, whenever the second DialogService window is opened the first one
automatically closes. How can I get both DialogService windows to stay

Answer: The current SalesLogix Web architecture only allows one
DialogService window.  As a work around you could try to set a label on
the screen to visible=true and make the message red so that it is more


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