Overview of Authentication Methods in Infor CRM SLX

For today’s post, I am providing an overview of different ways authentication can work in Infor CRM SLX. As this is an overview, I will be starting with the basic, then move to some of the more complicated. The way authentication is configured in some areas of Infor CRM SLX is not particularly intuitive, so I am hoping presenting this synopsis of the various methods will help it all make sense.

Web Client Login

The default, out-of-the-box configuration for client authentication is to use the username and password stored within Infor CRM SLX. The program settings include a default password, and all new uses start with that password unless a different one is set. Other settings that can be configured include the number of incorrect attempts allowed before the user is locked out of the web client (only). Whether using the LAN or web client, the default login functions the same, the user enters their username and password, and is granted login if they are correct.

User Settings

It also possible to configure Infor CRM SLX for Windows authentication. Specifically, if a user login is mapped to a Windows account, and Window authentication is activated, CRM will check the if the Windows account with which the user is logged in matches a user login in CRM. If it matches, it will automatically log that user into CRM with no manual login necessary. In cases where this is not possible, if a user it logging in from outside the domain for instance, the user would need to enter their Windows credentials at the login prompt.

Client Site Settings

How Windows authentication is activated depends on which version of the client is in use. For the Infor CRM SLX LAN client, the setting is configured in each user’s settings in the LAN Administrator application. For the web client, Windows authentication is configured in IIS and the web.config file for the client site, and therefore all users of that site will use the same sort of authentication. Note that since SData has its own IIS site, Windows authentication must be configured separately for it. While is normal to have SData use the same sort of authentication as the web client site, it is not strictly required.

Xbar Settings

The mobile client uses yet another IIS site, but its site does not have any authentication settings. It actually leverages the SData portal in IIS for authentication, so the mobile will use whatever sort of authentication is enabled for the SData site. Note that, since user’s phones are not generally part of a Windows network, users will need to enter their Windows credentials when accessing the mobile client using Windows authentication. If a user has the Xbar add-in for Microsoft Outlook, this also uses the SData portal for authentication. In the case of Xbar, in order to user Windows with the SData site, the user must also go into the settings of Xbar and check the box for Use Windows Authentication.

Change User Password

One last thing I wanted to cover is logging in to Infor CRM SLX through Infor Ming.le. If a user is logged on to Ming.le, and Infor CRM SLX is integrated into the ION system behind Ming.le, the user can just click on the link for CRM and be logged in automatically. If a user is logging in to Xbar or Mobile site associate the that implementation of Infor CRM SLX, they will need to log in normally according to however SData is set. While it is popular to keep the CRM and Ming.le passwords the same (so users only have one to remember), these passwords do not sync, and therefore they must be manually kept the same if this is desired.

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