Removing Items from the Insert Opportunity Form in SalesLogix

Question: The opportunity process my company uses is much more simple than what
SalesLogix comes with out of the box.  It looks as though competitor,
reseller, sales processes, etc.  are deeply tied to the plugin.  I’m
wondering if there is a orderly way to untie sales processes from the
form?  Right now I’m commenting out lines as errors are created, but
this doesn’t seem like the best way.

Answer: To hide unused controls a good practice is to add a panel, set a color,
and place it below everything else on the form.  Cut and past your
unwanted out-of-the-box controls onto the ‘hidden controls’ panel. 
Test, then set the panels visible property to false.  Check the you have
re-sized the form so that the panel isn’t exposed, and to get rid of
the vertical scroll at runtime.  Now, just save and release.


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