Required Server Specs for Infor CRM

We are frequently asked the recommended server specs that would be best practices for Infor CRM, but that is actually a tricky question.  An Infor CRM server’s hardware requirements will vary widely depending on how it used, and how many users are using it at once.  And the true minimum requirements it might run under would leave it unusuably slow for even a small number of simultaneous users.  Nevertheless, Infor did give us some numbers for Infor CRM 8.4.x recently, so we wanted to pass those along.

Recommended specs for Infor CRM server:

Processor: 2.0 GHz

Memory: 12 GB RAM minimum, 24 GB recommended

Hard Drive: 500 GB minimum, minimum 30% free space recommended

From my experience, these seem fairly reasonable; but I will offer some further advice for those of you pushing one end or the other with your Infor CRM software.  As for memory, I can get a test server to work with a mere 2GB RAM, but that is for zero users.  Still, if you have a very small number of users, and can deal with somewhat sluggish performance, you might be okay with only 4 or 8 GB RAM.  At the high end, 24 GB RAM is about as much as I see anyone using, so I would expect that much could handle a large number of simultaneous users.  As for processor, I notice they did not mention anything about number of cores.  I would strongly recommend using at least a dual-core for even a small number of users, and 4-8 cores if you have many users.  The hard drive requirements listed are largely to accommodate the database. Realistically, the program itself has no special space requirements, just make sure you server has enough space for the OS and the installed software, with enough left over for the page file.  The database for 8.4.x tends to be roughly twice the size of earlier versions (due to being Unicode), so just plan for space the way you would any other SQL database, and realize some maintenance tasks will be much easier if you hard drive had enough free space to accommodate a full backup file.

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