Sage SalesLogix Cloud – Data Protection Policy

Here is an excerpt from a new document just published by Sage that describes the advantages of their cloud solution as compared to the multi-tenant, one giant database approach used by  The entire document is attached also.

Sage understands that its customers’ data is important and takes multiple measures to ensure it is protected. The following policy outlines the procedures and structures in place to protect customer data.

Single Tenant Customer Systems

The Sage SalesLogix Cloud CRM solution stores customer data on virtual instances that are specific to individual customer accounts. This means that data and databases are not shared between customers and are completely separated from other systems. This provides the customer with an important advantage over multitenant systems that store data on shared database platforms. In multitenant systems, a security weakness in one part of the system may allow access to other data once the system is breached.

With Sage SalesLogix Cloud, all customer systems and customer data are isolated and specific to one customer account. In addition to the advantages of individual database storage, single tenant systems such as Sage SalesLogix Cloud provide another important advantage—crash isolation. While system outages are rare, it is possible for either multitenant or singletenant systems to fail. However, if a multitenant system fails, all of the tenants are at risk. For customers using Sage SalesLogix Cloud, an extra layer of isolation exists. All individual customer instances are separated from each other and a failure in one instance does not affect any other instance.


Scott Weber

Scott Weber is CRM Practice Manager and Senior Consultant for Customer FX Corporation.

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