SalesLogix 7.2.2 Windows Client Features and Functions Not Currently Available In The 7.2.2 Web Client

The following SalesLogix 7.2.2 Windows Client features are not supported in the 7.2.2 Web Client. Future versions of the Web Client may be expanded to include some of these features but, intent and timing have not been announced by Sage Software. We will try and keep this list updated as Sage developers add the new capabilites which they have been doing at a steady pace.

  • The Toolbar strip (In general the functions are now initiated via drop down menus rather than the little icons.)

  • Navbar Group structure (Uses a single Navbar)

  • Dashboards

    • Standard Dashboard

    • Visual Analyzer (Available via a custom Web interface with version 2.5.)

  • Contract management (you can just use the Windows Client to create these for now)

  • Ticket; Standard Problems/Resolutions

  • Defects

  • Returns

  • Outlook client side synchronization for contacts and calendar items – Intellisync

  • Account record Parent/Child Hierarchy (CFX added this capability just for fun)

  • User Security – The ability to block record adding, editing, or deletion and additional security controls, as defined via the Security and Function Security tabs of the user profile in Administrator, do not apply to the Web Client. Required Web security must be implemented using the Web Roles and custom Web pages.

  • Ad Hoc Group member deletion and addition

  • Merge of Accounts/Contacts records.

  • Tool Menu functions

    • Macros

    • Maintenance

    • Check for Duplicates

    • Replace Data

    • Purge Records

  • Manage (All of these can still be done in the Windows client and are then reflected in the web client)

    • Pick Lists (Use Architect or Administrator)

    • Lookups (Use Architect or Administrator)

    • Literature

    • Resources

    • Qualifications

    • Marketing Service

    • Products

    • Opportunity Defaults (Use the Web Client Options Opportunity tab for this.)

    • Competitors

    • Quota

    • Sales Processe

    • Customer Service Default

    • Customer Service Options

    • Lead Source

    • Standard Problem

    • Standard Resolutions

    • Dashboard Options

  • Client Options (Use Architect or Administrator)

  • Customize

  • Menus

  • Toolbars




Scott Weber

Scott Weber is CRM Practice Manager and Senior Consultant for Customer FX Corporation.

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  1. Hi Scott. Thanks for posting this list.

    I wanted to clarify a one item.

    >> Navbar Group structure (Uses a single Navbar) << The web client actually does support this (having multiple groups on teh navbar instead of just a single). You can create additional groups and they expand and collapse just like they do in the LAN client. However, it is a bit "buggy" in the current release. if you select a nav item from another group (other than the first one) that group will show collapsed when you navigate to that page. So the "selected" navbutton doesn't show. But, other than that it does work (but that makes it akward enough that I won't use it in it's current state). -Ryan


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