SalesLogix 7.5 Web Numeric Control Refresh Issue

The SalesLogix Numeric Web control does not properly refresh when scrolling between records using the VCR style control at the top of the detail views:


If you navigate to a record using this method that does not have a numeric value in the field that the Numeric Control is bound to, the value that displays is the value from the previous record you just navigated away from.  If you navigate away from the screen and come back, the control will correctly show as blank.


Account with blank Numeric Field shown highlighted.

After navigating to the next record via the VCR controls at the top of the screen, we see the next record has a value:


The next Account has data in the same field shown highlighted

Navigating back to the original record using the VCR, the value from the Account that had data in the field continues to show on the wrong account:


Incorrect data is now displaying


Kris Halsrud

Kris Halsrud is a Senior Analyst / Developer for Customer FX Corporation.

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  1. Not that I am aware of in that version. I suppose you could add a form load action to rebind the field manually.

    Sage.Entity.Interfaces.IAccount acc = this.BindingSource.Current as Sage.Entity.Interfaces.IAccount;

    mycontrol.Text = aaa.NumberControl;


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