Saleslogix Job Server on an Upgraded SalesLogix 8.1 Web

Although these steps are primarily for an application server with a web server to host IIS, some of these steps are good checks on any Job Server install.
1. Ensure that the actual executable (SLXJobServer.exe) has been upgraded to 8.1.
2. Port 1895 must be open for inbound and outbound traffic on the server hosting the Job Server executable as well as the web servers.
3. SData must be deployed, configured, and functional in order for the Job Service (and thereby the Web Client) to operate properly.
4. Map the WebDLL user to the Saleslogix Admin user in Administrator. Double-check that the WebDLL user is properly configured on the web servers and the job server itself – proper permissions and local server rights, etc.
5. Set the Saleslogix Job Service to log on as WebDLL.
6. Deploy the SLXJobService portal from within Application Architect.
7. On the server hosting the Saleslogix Job Service, locate the SLXJobServer.exe.config file. Verify that the sage.scheduling.server.tenantRoot value matches the path to which the portal was deployed in step 6.
8. On each web server, locate the web.config file for the SData portal. In the Sage.Integration.WebAdapters section of the file, ensure that there is an entry for Sage.Platform.Scheduling.SData.Adapter.
9. On each web server, locate the appSettings.config file for the SData portal. In the Sage.Scheduling.Client.serverURL section, edit the URL from ‘localhost’ to the server name of the server hosting the actual job service.
10. On each web server, locate the appSettings.config file for the SlxClient portal. Repeat step 9 for this file.
11. Perform an IISReset.
12. Start the Saleslogix Job Service

Systems that do not have the Job Service configured properly can expect to see Error 500 issues and errors in the Event logs pointing to the SLX Job Service.

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