Saleslogix Web Client 8.0 on Firefox v10.x

With all the browser updates it’s tough to keep Saleslogix web client running as it should with the mail merge functionality working and stable. Here’s a step by step method to set up Firefox v10.x (you can download v10 at with mail merge. First, if you are running Firefox and it is not version 10 please uninstall it, you can keep your settings and favorites if you wish to do so. Secondly if you have downloaded the Saleslogix enhancements and installed the SLXdesktop application uninstall that. We will need to reinstall it by using the install enhancements option in the Saleslogix web client.
Ok…now let’s install Firefox v10 and set the options so it does not automatically update. From the Firefox Options select options again and advanced. On the Advanced window select the updates tab and check on “Never check for updates” and check off “Search Engines” and “Add-ons”. After finishing this step let’s configure Firefox for Saleslogix. In the Firefox address window type about:config.
After promising to be careful locate the network.automatic-ntlm-auth.trusted-uris and double click it. Now enter your Saleslogix web server and port number ( or redirect if appropriate).
Now we can download the enhancements and began the install. On the Firefox Saleslogix splash screen select the install enhancements option. Once the SlxDesktopIntegrationSetup.exe has finished downloading close Firefox and Outlook and IE if it is open. Now browse to the SlxDesktopIntegrationSetup.exe which is in the Usersyournamedownloads folder and run the setup. You can use standard and the default settings. At this point I reboot the computer so the Firefox integration is registered properly.
One final step…Open the SLXDesktopIntegration application from All Programs Startup Folder and put in your settings – test the connectivity and select OK. Now when you open Firefox and the Saleslogix web client contacts area you will see the Write menu option and have the templates for mail merge available.
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