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New to the Sage SalesLogix v8.0 Web Client is the Web Form Designer. This tool will allow a user, with a proper role assignment, the ability to modify main entity forms in the the web client using existing database fields. Here is a quick introduction to the tool from Customer FX.

For this demo I am using a Sage SalesLogix v8.0 RC3 Web Client with an evaluation database set up in the Cloud.  I found the information on this tool using the SalesLogix 8.0 Web Client Help Files with the key word search of  “Working with Forms”.  The number one listing in the results are will be “Working with Forms”. I found these files extremely helpful and accurate while I learned to use this tool.

In order to use this tool you must be logged in as the Admin user or a User assigned to the role of “Administrator”. I set our user Lee Hogan up in my system with the Administrator Role.


There are two ways to bring up the Web Form Designer tool.  The first is to go through the Administration Navigation panel and find the Form Manager icon:


 This icon opens the Web Form Manager with a list of all forms in the system that are editable:


 Using this area, if you select the form you want to edit it will display in the Web Client ready for editing.

The better option is to use the icon that you will find on the tool bar of the form that you want to edit.  This option opens the form in another browser window separate from the Web Client.   For example navigate to an Account record in the Web Client.


If you look just to the left of the   Help button in the upper right hand corner of the view you will see the Form Manager icon (Shown Earlier).  Select this icon while holding down your “Ctrl” key and the Account Detail form opens in the Web Form Designer in a separate window.

Here you can modify the form as described in the SalesLogix help file.

  • Change captions and other control properties
  • Move and hide controls
  • Add controls (Add data fields to a form)
  • Change form, row, and column properties

A couple of words of caution before you start to modify the form:

  • Only existing fields are available.  You cannot add custom fields through this tool. You need to have some experience working with the SalesLogix Database Manager and the Application Architect in order to add custom fields into the SalesLogix database and have them available in the Web.
  • You can make any change you like to this form and it will not effect your the production system until you save it.  Feel free to rearrange and add fields, if you do not like what you see just select your F5 key and the screen will go back to the original configuration. Once you save the change the form is immediately released to production system and will be visible to all of your users.
  • If you save the form and there is a field that you do not want to have on the form, your only option though this tool is to make the field not visible.  You can go into the Application Architect and delete the field but you should know what you are doing before attempting that course of action.

On the extreme right of my screen shot you will see the list of existing fields that are available. Lets add USERFIELD1 to the Account Detail form to collect the Accounts AKA (Also Know As) value.

We need to make room for the field on the form.  Right click on the form content and a menu will come up with the selection of “Add Column” or “Add Row”, there will also be placement sub menu options.  I will select “Add Row” and  “Below”.

For my example I want to add USERFIELD1 just below my Division field.  I will arrange my screen layout and move the address block to the bottom of the column.

From the “Add Field” list on the right I will select “USERFIELD1 and drag it onto the form in the space above the address block.

The field is now on the form and labeled User Field 1.  To the change the label, click on the new field, below the form you will see a properties area with three tabs, select the “Basic” tab, look for the “Caption” property, now enter your new label -“AKA:”


 To release this change select the Save button and refresh the Web Client – The field appears!

Very cool.

OK, I know all of the System Administrators are asking “What if I update the form through the Application Architect, will I over write this change?” 

I went into the Application Architect with the same concern. “Never fear, the change is here” 

Again – very coo!

A couple of additional notes:

  • This tool does not replace the Application Architect. You cannot create new forms or modify custom forms and there is no way of adding code.
  • You cannot modify a list view like the Account Contacts, the icon is there but the fields that display are Account layer fields without reference to the contact layer.

Have fun using this great addition to the SalesLogix Web Client!





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