Set Up Job Service on a New Infor CRM Instance

This post is the second in a series on activities which need to be done after deployment of new instance of Infor CRM.  The previous installment can be found here.

When you installed the Infor CRM server software, it asked if you wanted to use a service account, and some of the services were set to run under this account if you chose to do so. Saleslogix Job Service, however, is not included it that, and needs to be manually set to use a service account. In order for the job service to work, it needs to be running as the same Infor CRM service account that the admin user is mapped to in the Administrator program , and that the Application Pool for the web client site in IIS is running as. Infor suggests naming this account webdll, but you can use whatever you like as long as you are consistent.

On the Infor CRM server, open Services in Windows Administrative Tools and find the Saleslogix Job Service. Right click on Saleslogix Job Service, choose Properties, and go to the Log On tab. Now click the radio button for This Account, and enter the account and password for your service account (webdll, in this case). It is generally best to set up webdll as a domain account that has local admin rights on any Infor CRM servers, but it needs no special domain rights. When you click okay, it may tell you that webdll is being granted the rights to log in as a service, which is good. It will also tell you the changes for the job server will not take place until you restart the job service, and this is a good time to do so.

Job Service Log On

Note that when restarting the job service, Infor suggests you also restart the Saleslogix Cache Server service. I generally do this by stopping the cache service, restarting the job service, then starting the cache service. Doing this ensures that there are no problematic cached jobs hitting the job service as soon as it is restarted.

Job Manager

Once you have that done,it is time to test that job service is working. There are several functions in Infor CRM that use the job service (such as Reports), but the fastest way to test is with the Job Manger. Log in to the web client as admin, expand ADMINISTRATION in the nav bar on the left and choose Job Manager. Now go to Definitions on the Job Manager page, right click Rollover Activities Job, and choose Create Schedule. The default choice will be to Run Now, so all you need to do is click OK. You will then see a progress bar. This is a quick job, so if the job service is working, it should quickly advance to 100% once it gets going. If, however, it hangs at 0% without ever advancing, you know the job service is not yet set up correctly.

Rollover Job

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