Set Up SpeedSearch on a New Infor CRM Instance

This post is the third in a series looking at tasks that commonly remain to be be done after deployment of a new Infor CRM instance. Today, we are looking at SpeedSearch. After you have set up folders as described here and set up the job service as described here , I would suggest looking at SpeedSearch.

SpeedSearch is used bot for searches typed into its box in the upper-right-hand corner and for other necessary back-end functions, so you will definitely want to get it working. Before SpeedSearch will work, it needs to take time to build indexes. And even if the settings on your server are exactly correct, SpeedSearch might not start building the indexes until you specifically tell it to. The course of action I suggest on a new instance is to check the configuration, try to get it to start building the indexes, but don’t actually test until the next day.

Upper RIght Corner

On the new server, open the SpeedSearch Configuration program. The server, port, and folder path at the top are likely correct, but you will need to edit these if your data link connection is on a different server, or if you changed any of these from the default when you set up the system. At the bottom will be a list of all the Infor CRM database connections. Select the one for your database (it may be the only one), the click Okay. Now, go to the Administrative Tools in Windows and open Services. Restart the Saleslogix SpeedSearch service.

SpeedSearch Configuration


Now that you are connected, the rest of the setup is handled in the Administrator program. Click the Manage menu at the top and select SpeedSearch Configuration (not SpeedSearch Indexes). Select the Schedules tab, and you will see a list of all the SpeedSearch Indexes. Select one of the Full indexes.  If something is not right, you will see some results for a previous time the index tried to run, but there will be no button to allow you to run the index now (see below).

SpeedSearch No Index

If you are properly connected to SpeedSearch, you will see a Run Now button (as seen below). In this case, the Index might already be running. If not, click the Run Now button to get it indexing. Depending on the size of your database, you might be able to get all the full indexes done in several minutes, or it might take hours before they all complete.

SpeedSearch Indexing

If SpeedSeach will not connect, or if it seems to be connected but you can’t get it to index, leave it overnight and have a look the next day. I know that sounds dumb, but I have seen indexing kick off overnight when it wouldn’t earlier, and I have seen it connect the second day when it would not the first. Also, if you have a large database, it may need to run overnight complete the indexing. In any case, once the indexes have run, you can test SpeedSearch to make sure it is working.

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