Synchronization options in Infor CRM (Saleslogix) Xbar for Outlook

In older versions of Infor CRM (Saleslogix), synchronization with Microsoft Outlook was handled by Desktop Integration.  In the current version of CRM, that feature has been rolled into Xbar.  Once Xbar is installed, you have to ability to sync contacts, appointments, and tasks between Outlook and CRM.

You can control what is synchronized in Xbar by clicking on Options in the Xbar section of the Outlook toolbar, and then choosing Sync in the window that opens.  You can choose to sync Contacts, Appointments, and/or Tasks.  You may also choose to sync in only one direction, or both.  In the case of Tasks and Appointments, you choose how far back to begin synchronizing.  In the case of Contacts, you must create a named group of contacts to sync in Outlook, and select this groups in Xbar.  Only contacts belonging to this groups will have their info synchronized.  Finally, you get to choose how often Outlook and CRM will sync with each other, although you also have a button in Xbar to force in immediate sync when needed.

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