Breaking Changes to the AttachmentList.js Library when Upgrading to 8.3.x

In the Attachment List’s client side code there were breaking changes to the code from version 8.1x to 8.3x, some of the highlights of this include:

The date time columns in the grid are defined with a type attribute of “colDateTime”
colDateTime in 8.1 was declared as ‘Sage/UI/Columns/DateTime’
colDateTime in 8.3 is now declared as ‘Sage/UI/Controls/GridParts/Columns/DateTime’

Previously you could add additional properties in the feed by code like this:'createDate, createUser, modifyUser, modifyDate');

Now in 8.3 you have to modify the _createLiveStore function directly and change the select there.

Finally, another change to all columns in every sData grid is:

  • In 8.1, the “name” attribute used to be the column heading display.
  • In 8.3, the “label” attribute now is the column heading display.
  • If you don’t add a label property, then the column heading will display whatever is in the field attribute (which is the name of the bound property).
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Kris Halsrud

Kris Halsrud is a Senior Analyst / Developer for Customer FX Corporation.

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