Tabs Disappearing on the Account and Contact Mainviews in SalesLogix v7.5.1

Question:  Our users are experiencing a problem in SalesLogix v7.5.1 where tabs on
the Account and Contact mainviews disappear and don’t come back.  When
this happens it also stops other tabs and dialogs from working.  The
user receives this message:

“Sys.InvalidOperationException: Could not find
UpdatePanel with ID
‘ctl00_TabControl_element_ActivityList_update_panel_ActivityList’. If it
is being updated dynamically then it must be inside another

This doesn’t happen in development, only the live system.  Is there any way to fix this problem?
Answer: You will need to open Application Architect -> Virtual File System
Explorer.  From here browse to Configuration -> Application_User
-> SlxClient -> [Login].  Now, open ASP.account_aspxDetail and
ASP.contact_aspxDetail for the users that are experiencing the issue,
also open the TabWorkspace XML file.  Next, manually add the entries for
the missing tabs under MainTabs or MoreTabs and be sure the string that
is entered is the name of the tab.  Rebuild and redeploy.


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