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Organizing Code for Creatio Freedom UI Pages with Modules

On Freedom UI pages all page code is added as request handlers. This new way that code is added to Freedom UI pages has some benefits, however, it does tend to make the code for the page unorganized, difficult to read, and not reusable. Rather than adding all logic to request handlers on a Freedom […]

Overriding Modules in Creatio (formerly bpm’online)

A key part of developing in Creatio is the concept of overriding to add or change functionality. This is easily done with view modules. As a matter of fact, this is exactly what the wizards are doing when you customize an existing section or page. You can do this as well by creating a “Replacing […]

Hiding Context Menus at Runtime in the SalesLogix web client using modules

Ryan, wrote a great article on how to use a module to hide a toolbar item at runtime here. I wanted to expand his article slightly to show how a similar technique could be used to hide a context menu. The main difference is what workspace the context menu exists in. In Ryan’s example he uses the ToolbarWorkspace, where the Context menus reside in the NavWorkspace.

Account Hierarchy for SalesLogix Web Source Code Has a New Home

The Account Hierarchy for SalesLogix Web module has a new home. I have moved the source to Github to make a public repository for the code and make it easier for others to get the latest source as I make changes to it. I released a public download of the Account Hierarchy module almost a year and a half ago for SalesLogix 7.2. Since that time it has had hundreds of downloads. I have make some tweaks over time and decided there needed to be a bett...

Creating Modules for SalesLogix Web and Hiding Toolbar Items at Runtime

Creating modules for SalesLogix Web is something that is likely something that is often overlooked or not used because they are assumed to be too complex or are just not understood. A module is an assembly that you've added to a page or the portal that adds functionality to the page. The great thing about a module is that you can change things about the page without needing to resort to doing something like modifying the deployed pages or Sma...