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Determining the Page Mode at Runtime in SalesLogix Web

One of the keys to reusing a form for both inserting new records and displaying existing record detail is the ability to determine if the form is currently in insert mode or detail mode. There are several ways to determine this at runtime so you can take the necessary steps depeding on the current form mode.

Custom Format Columns in SalesLogix Web (and Linking to External Sites in a DataGrid)

There might be times when you need to do some custom formatting in SalesLogix DataGrids that goes way beyond just simple formatting. A perfect example of this is taking a simple value, such as an indentifier from another external system where you want the value in the DataGrid to be a part of a hyperlink to this other system. In this scenario, you might have a value like "12345", which identifies a matching record in another system and ...

Creating Sections for Controls on SalesLogix Web QuickForms

A common thing that any developer will do when creating a form for an application is to create sections for controls to group similar controls in a panel or other container, making it easy for the user to see that the values are related. There isn't exactly support for creating these "sections" in the SalesLogix Web QuickForms. With a quick bit of tweaks we can easily accomplish this result.

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