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Creating Phone Links in SalesLogix 7.2 Web Client

If you're working with the new SalesLogix 7.2 Web Client & the Application Architect then the place to be is the slxdeveloper.com forum for the SalesLogix 7.2 Web. It has some really great discussions going on. One of these great discussions is where an slxdeveloper.com member needs to make the phone numbers hyperlinks. A user can click the phone number to launch a browser window, passing the phone number, to initiate a phone call. Let...

SalesLogix 7.2 Officially Released

The wait is finally over. SalesLogix version 7.2 is finally released. This new version brings an exciting new ASP.NET based webclient and a ground-breaking, and completely incredible new development .NET environment - the Application Architect. I'll have plenty to say in the months ahead about this incredible new version of SalesLogix, for now, here's some of the important dates

New Utility Coming – SalesLogix FormSpy

I put together a new utility I'll be releasing in the near future on slxdeveloper.com called SalesLogix FormSpy. Have you ever needed to customize a form but you didn't know what the form's name was? That is what this utility will solve. FormSpy is a .NET app that runs in the background. While SalesLogix is open it draws an overlay on the top-right corner of all customizable forms. The overlay will show you that the form is customizable (it doesn...

Setting Read-Only on Legacy Views

Not too long ago I wrote an article on generically setting a Form as read-only on slxdeveloper.com. Mike Spragg from E1 Business shared a great approach with me to accomplish the same with legacy views.

Setting A MainView As ReadOnly

I recently posted an article on slxdeveloper.com where I outlined the code for a class for SalesLogix to set an entire form as ReadOnly at runtime (See Generically Setting a Form as Read-Only). I put that code to some cool use this week when I needed to set an entire MainView as ReadOnly based on certain conditions.

Prepared Queries and the SalesLogix Provider

If you have not yet read Stuart Carnie's article on slxdeveloper.com on using prepared queries with the SalesLogix provider than I highly recommend you check it out (See: The Myths and Legends of Prepared Queries). Stuart recently offered some comments to the article which provided some background on the provider in regards to trips to the server as well as other significant changes which result in big performance gains.

OK. So not so spent.

OK. I know I said I was going to end saleslogixblog.com but I've changed my mind. I'm going to keep it around a bit more. Jeremy Brayton brought up a good point. This blog is a good place to post the tid-bits, leaving the beefier articles for slxdeveloper.com. So I'll keep it around.

…and I’m spent.

After much thought, I've decided to discontinue SalesLogixBlog.com. I'm just spread way too thin. Over the next little while I'll take the best content from this blog and move it to slxdeveloper.com as full articles. However, I'll still be focusing on my regular blog at ryanfarley.com as usual (although not SalesLogix related, there's better content posted there anyway). From now on all my SalesLogix related material will be posted to slxdevelope...

How to generically invoke the edit form for a SalesLogix datagrid

Many people miss the older (pre version 6) behavior of SalesLogix grid's where the user could double-click on a row to invoke the grid's edit form. The new datagrids to not behave this way because of the new support for inline editing and activating the clicked cell instead of doing something like invoking the edit form. However this is easy enough to change and handle with a generic script that can be included when ever you need this functionali...

Changes to slxdeveloper.com

With a new year, and a site that was getting stale, I decided that now was the time to make some much needed changes to slxdeveloper.com. I made a new years resolution to get the site going strong this year (especially with all the changes coming in the new SalesLogix version 6.2).

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