The Future of Work: Embracing No-Code and Gen AI Innovation with Creatio Copilot

Earlier this week Creatio debuted Copilot, which marries Gen AI and no-code technologies with an aim to augment human potential, streamline workflows, and boost productivity across various sectors. From sales to marketing to customer service, Creatio Copilot promises to transform the way organizations operate.

The presentation touched on common myths about AI and no-code, new jobs that will likely arise in the field of AI, as well as the importance of establishing safeguards around solutions that are implemented (Governance automation for Creatio is an app you could use), before diving into use cases for sales, marketing, services, and AI-assisted development.

Here are some of the out-of-the-box use cases you’ll find:

  • Sales – improve your sales optimization through:
    • Intelligent scoring
    • Personalized next best steps
    • Customer summaries and suggested talking points
    • Follow-up templates
  • Marketing – marketing automation is simplified by:
    • Creating the best campaign flow design
    • Picking the most responsive audience
    • Preparing personalized templates
  • Service – customer service gets a boost with the ability to:
    • Capture a case from an email
    • Analyze the sentiment of a customer to provide the best response
    • Determine which agent to use
    • Estimate resolution time

This integration of AI and no-code development opens up a world of possibilities for businesses of all sizes.  You can get more information about Creatio Copilot and request a demo here.

If you haven’t already, we suggest registering for No Code Days taking place May 9th-10th to dive deeper into the world of no-code development through practical workshops and networking opportunities. This event will showcase the transformative impact of Creatio Copilot on businesses worldwide.

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