Tips for Working with the New Code Editor in Creatio 7.17

I wrote an article previously about getting the most out of the code editor in Creatio. In Creatio version 7.17 the editor has changed and that information no longer applies. The previous editor was based on the Ace editor, however the new code editor is based on the Code Mirror javascript editor. Knowing what the Creatio editor is based on helps in understating how to get the most out of it. Here’s a sample of what it looks like if you’ve not yet seen it:


One of the first frustrations I ran into was with searching in the code. In the previous editor, if you wanted to search for something in the code, you could CTRL+F or Windows or ⌘+F on a Mac, type in your search value and hit enter. It would find the first match, and then you could continue to hit enter to move through all the results until you found the one you needed. In the new editor, you can still CTRL+F or ⌘+F, type in a search value and hit enter. It will still find the first result, however, if you continue to hit enter it no longer moves from one result to the next. Since this editor is based on the Code Mirror editor, this link will give you the details for how to cycle through the search results. The information is below:

Windows Mac Action
CTRL+F ⌘+F Start searching
CTRL+G ⌘+G Find next result
Shift+CTRL+G Shift+⌘+F Find previous result
Shift+CTRL+F Shift+⌘+F Replace current
Shift+CTRL+R Shift+⌘+⌥+F (Shift+Cmd+Option+F Replace all
ALT+F ⌥+F (Option+F) Persistent search (search doesn’t auto-close, hit enter to cycle through results)
ALT+G ⌥+G (Option+G) Jump to a line

Note, ALT+F (or Option+F on a Mac), instead of CTRL+F, which gives you a persistent search doesn’t seem to be working currently in Creatio 7.17 which is too bad since that would be far more useful IMO 🙁

Other Commands

This link outlines several other useful commands available with the Code Mirror editor as well. Some highlights:

  • Undo – Ctrl-Z (PC), Cmd-Z (Mac)
  • Undo in current selection – Ctrl-U (PC), Cmd-U (Mac)
  • Redo – Ctrl-Y (PC), Shift-Cmd-Z (Mac), Cmd-Y (Mac)
  • Redo in current selection – Alt-U (PC), Shift-Cmd-U (Mac)

For now, that will hopefully help you get started with using the Creatio 7.17 code editor. One exciting possibility is Code Mirror’s support for themes. While themes aren’t currently available in Creatio’s implementation of Code Mirror, hopefully we’ll see that at some point. Luckily, it’s been easy so far to load CodeMirror themes with some very small tweaks. I’m currently using the darcula theme, hopefully this is something I’ll be able to wrap up as a marketplace add-on at some point.

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