Troubleshooting Steps When Reports Are Not Working in Infor CRM SLX

Reports in Infor CRM SLX are a good way to output information from CRM into a convenient format. You can do things such as create detailed PDF files of all the Accounts assigned to a given user, or make a simple spreadsheet with names and phones of all the Contacts in a certain area code.  In the past, I have blogged about how you can run Reports in Infor CRM SLX. Today, I am going to cover a few things to try when Reports aren’t working.

Account Report Running

Reports rely on the job server to run. If reports aren’t working, the first thing to do is to check if other jobs are working. In the Administrator Navbar section on the left, click on Job Manager, then choose the Definitions tab. Choose a job to run.  I would suggest Rollover Activities Job, as it runs quickly and has no output to worry about. Right click on the job and choose Create Schedule. Leave the schedule as the default Run Now, and click OK. You will get a taskbar for the job completing. If it completes fairly quickly, then the job server is functioning, and you will need to look for another possible cause. If the job sits at 0%, then the job server is likely not working, and will need to be fixed in order for reports to work. You might merely need to restart the job server and cache server services, or you might need to engage in more extensive troubleshooting.

Rollover Activities Job

If jobs are running, but reports are not, the next thing to check is the folder path. Reports use the Documents folder path to store the completed reports. Make sure the Documents path is set correctly in the Administrator program, and that all CRM users have read/write access to that folder. You can test that file attachments are working in some other part of Infor CRM as a way to test this outside of reports.

Set Documents Path

For completeness sake, I mention the following: If you are attempting to run a report in he LAN client, and are getting an OLE DB connection error, it might be because your computer is missing the Crystal Reports Runtime.  This can be corrected by running CRRuntime_32bit_13_0_13.msi from the Admin Tools folder on the install media.

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