Using Landing Pages With Creatio

With landing pages in Creatio you can add a form to your website that will add data to Creatio. All you need to know is how to create a HTML form for your website it does all of the work to add the data to Creatio for you. In this article I will show you how to Create a landing page that will add a lead record in Creatio.

The steps are:

  1. Create a landing page record in Creatio
  2. Create a HTML form
  3. Copy all the code from the landing page and add it to your form
  4. Change the fields to map the IDs of the HTML form inputs to the landing page

First thing you’ll want to do is go to the landing page section in Creatio and create a landing page. You’re going to add the URL of the website that the landing page form will be on and then add the redirect URL (this is where you want the user to go after filling out the form).

On the default values tab make sure you set any values for fields that aren’t on your HTML form that you would like to set. You want to add any required fields to the default values tab because the landing page can’t create the lead record if a required field is missing.

Next step is to create your HTML form this is what mine looked like for this article.

After you create your form you will go back to your landing page and copy all the code from Step 2 on your landing page (refer back to the first image in this article). You will paste this code anywhere in your form and then fill out your fields that you’re going to be populating In that code that you’ll paste here, there is a section for “fields”. You’ll be entering here the field name in Creatio and map it to the ID of a field in your HTML form. The layout of this is “Creatio column code name”: “form id name”.

For my form this is what it looks like.

For troubleshooting just incase nothing happens when you click your form’s submit button, it could be that your URL you enter for your website domain isn’t a valid URL for the landing page, meaning the UR where it is hosted. This is likely the most likely issue you might have. To check for this, you will get an error in the browser dev tools. In the network tab, you’ll see the form does a POST to SaveWebFormObjectData. If that’s the case then the error will look something like this:

If all works, when your form is submitted it will create a lead in Creatio and the lead will show that it came from your landing page.

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