Using Parallel, Simultaneous Tasks in a Process in Creatio (formerly bpm’online)

Sometimes in a process in Creatio you need two things to happen before you continue with the process. When the order of the things don’t matter as long as they all get done before the process continues. It’s a good case for using a parallel gateway to perform the tasks at the same time. A parallel gateway means that all the things will happen at the same time and the order of it doesn’t matter, it’ll just wait for everything to finish before exiting the parallel gateway.

Let’s say inside the gateway you have two approvals. It doesn’t matter which approval it does first, all that matters is that it’ll wait for both approvals to get done. Approvals are pretty common for using parallel gateways for but there’s also other usages. Maybe your process has two tasks that need to get completed before moving on, you can use the parallel gateway to make your process waits for both tasks to be complete.

It’s important to know when using a parallel gateway you have to start it with a parallel gateway and you have to end it with one to. The first parallel gateway means start everything inside the gateway and the end parallel gateway means wait for everything to be done. In the example below it shows two approvals that need to get done. When it starts the gateway it won’t matter which approval gets done first but it won’t continue until both are complete.

Here’s a more simple and more understandable example

That’s all there’s to it. Using the parallel gateway in processes allows you to do many thing at once instead of one at a time in a sequence.

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